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News of Association

🕚 June 24, 2021 🚩 Kazan, enterprise "Eidos robotics"

Proposal for production of robots discussed in Uzbekistan

News of Association

🕚 June 24, 2021 🚩 Kazan, enterprise "Eidos robotics"

Chairman of the association “Uzeltexsanoat” M. Yunusov visited the enterprise of LLC “Eidos robotics,” specializing in the automation of the production process and the production of robots.

Production project manager Igor Semakov gave full information about the progress of production at the enterprise. The company is a resident of the Skolkovsky Innovation Park, is a leading manufacturer of robots in Russia. The main thing is that the company produces not only the hard robot, but also software. Development of robotics in the Republic of Uzbekistan and automation of production at enterprises.

The Chairman of the Board of the Association made a proposal to establish the production of robots in Uzbekistan. To establish cooperation, the management of the enterprise was invited to Tashkent. It was also proposed to purchase training robots for organizing robotics courses at the union.

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