Information on the activities of electrotechnical enterprises from  January till October of the year 2020

In January-November 2020, the enterprises of the «Uzeltehsanoat» Association achieved all the planned targets and fulfilled the forecast indicators for expanding production and attracting foreign direct investment.

The Association has more than 86 member members, 15 of which are manufacturers of cable and wire products, 35 are manufacturers of household appliances and the remaining 35 are manufacturers of other electrotechnical products. The industry employs over 22,000 people.

The volume of industrial production for January- November 2020 amounted to 10 243,8 billion UZS in current prices. The growth rate of industrial production compared to the corresponding period of 2019 amounted to 140.8 percent.

Exports of products for the period from January to November 2020 amounted to 280,5 million dollars. The actual volume of investment development amounted to 151.1 million dollars.