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On the shelves of the shopping center “Ashan” in Tajikistan, the sale of national household appliances is established

News of Association

In the largest hypermarket of the French company “Ashan” in Dushanbe, along with the most popular brands in the world, we were all pleased that electric ovens manufactured in the Urgut district of the Samarkand region under the SABA brand and IDEAL gas stoves got a place in trading lots.

This shopping center has its own place and it is not so easy to enter into competition. According to Shakhibzhan Asimov, head of SAM ELEKTRO SERVIS LLC, entering the neighboring markets of Tajikistan and signing export contracts is not independent. First of all, for this, the product must be both high-quality and affordable. Naturally, there is strong competition in the markets of Tajikistan. This hypermarket represents the world’s leading brands. Of course, it is profitable and profitable for us to enter into trust and conduct honest business with them. In 2020, the company exported products worth 600 thousand dollars, this year this figure will reach 1 million dollars. In this direction, there were also significant concessions in logistics issues. With the continued support and support of the Uzeltehsanoat Association, we receive subsidies for reimbursement of transport costs in neighboring countries. At the same time, of course, the decision of the President of our country 5011 takes on great importance. As one entrepreneur, I am proud that our national products enter foreign markets.

Indeed, as the entrepreneur noted, such trade turnover, cooperation agreements and joint projects between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan create a healthy competitive environment combined with an increase in production potential. The markets of Tajikistan also show significant changes in the development and sale of national products under the sign “Made in Uzbekistan.” So, in 2020, at the initiative of the leaders of the two countries, the Uzbek-Tajik joint venture Artel Avesto Electronics was created in Dushanbe for $10 million. The production of household vacuum cleaners and water heaters is currently established here, in the future the production of televisions and washing machines will be mastered.

In addition, during the visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Tajikistan in the city of Dushanbe, the permanent show “Made in Uzbekistan” began its work. The creation by the Export Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of a special “Showroom” for products produced in Uzbekistan will create a large basis for the penetration of our national products into international markets, competitiveness due to the increase of Tajikistan’s export potential. Today, more than 102 units of electrical products took part in the showroom.

Of course, we are confident that the cooperation of the Uzbek-Tajik peoples, carried out in connection with the proximity of their culture, language and ethnic characteristics, will bear fruit in the near future.

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