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News of Association

Industrial refrigerators “SHIVAKI FRIGO Cool” is a unique innovative technology for storing food in natural condition

News of Association

Today, 10 plants have been launched on the territory of TECHNOPARK LLC. Among the successful projects that are operating in practice are the production of industrial cooling systems produced under the local brand “SHIVAKI Frigo Cool.” The project capacity is 900 pieces per year. “SHIVAKI FRIGO Cool” is a brand new product. “SHIVAKI FRIGO Cool” is a state-of-the-art technology that creates optimal temperature conditions, not just those necessary for long-term preservation of products that quickly lose their properties. Ability to store the above products in refrigerators from 1 to 200 tons, industrial scale. It is also important that the volume of cooled products can be at the industrial level in the sense of “rice.”

“SHIVAKI FRIGO Cool” is used in agriculture, production and storage of food and medical products, public services – in the field of medicine, catering and others. TECHNOPARK focuses on high quality and comfortable price in the production of industrial cooling systems. In addition, we provide services and warranty for 3 years.

The main task of industrial refrigerators manufactured by SHIVAKI FRIGO Cool is the high-quality storage in the long term of fruits and vegetables, food, meat for the domestic market and for export. This result can only be achieved if a product-friendly temperature is provided in the refrigerator. Our industrial refrigerators fully meet the requirements of local farmers, manufacturers and buyers of foreign markets.

TECHNOPARK produces the following types of industrial cooling systems “SHIVAKI FRIGO Cool”:

  1. Split system refrigerators, cooling capacity 1.7 kW ̴ up to 39.6 kW, total 12 products;
  2. All-in-one refrigerators, cooling capacity 3.98 kW ̴ up to 7.1 kW, total 5;
  3. Humidifier: from 3 to ~ 9 liters, total 3 models.

A total of 20-chill products are produced.

Cooling systems “SHIVAKI FRIGO Cool”:

a) economical energy consumption;

b) high-tech constructive solution;

c) full automatic operation;

d) possibility of programming the system operation;

f) ease of management;

f. The most fundamental are hydrophilic aluminum radiators, which not only increase cooling capacity but are also extremely resistant to oxidation, and are also the main product used in production by the most developed countries in the world.

Advantages of industrial refrigerators “SHIVAKI FRIGO Cool”:

1. refrigeration tests based on EN 328, EN 13215, conforming to world standards;

2. High-efficiency cooling range: availability of models from + 5 <unk>, freezing -25 <unk>;

3. Low external noise compared to analogues;

4. Reliable cooling equipment, protected from external environment of high-quality and closed type;

5. Structural ease of installation and assembly and arrangement of electrical parts inside the external part;

6. In order to save costs, general operation was carried out on the basis of European and world technology;

7. Gea Bock, Tecumseh compressors in Germany and France with 80 years experience;

8. Compatibility with other types of installation;

9. Availability of 20 products with a wide range;

10. The ability to work on the most efficient and high-quality moisture using the latest watering technology “Ultrasonic – parsing water through sound waves”;

11. Provides easy assembly and installation of the structure;

12. Three-year warranty period;

13. Service service in all regions of Uzbekistan.


1. Body stamping process;

2. Fabrication of heat exchange unit;

3. Fabrication of connecting copper pipes;

4. Fabrication of metal housing;

5. Sprinkling powder coatings;

6. Collection of freezing block;

7. Assigned testing;

8. Transfer the product to the buyer in the shipping department.

“SHIVAKI FRIGO Cool” also includes additional accessories for industrial refrigerators.

As a result of strict compliance with quality standards, the production of industrial refrigerators has several international ISO certificates:

ISO 9001:2015 – quality management systems;

ISO 45001:2018 – occupational safety and safety management systems;

ISO 14001:2015 – environmental management.

The State symbols:

Davlat gerbi

The state emblem

Davlat bayrog'i

The state flag

Davlat madhiyasi

National Anthem