News of Association

🕚 April 29, 2020 🚩 Tashkent, “Procab” Ltd.

“Procab” continues enterprise its activities in the field of sanitary requirements

News of Association

🕚 April 29, 2020 🚩 Tashkent, “Procab” Ltd.

As previously reported, production processes at many large enterprises of the Uzeltexsanoat Association have been restored within the framework of quarantine requirements. The Uzbek-British joint venture “Procab” one of the largest producers of cable and wire products in the country, continues to operate in full compliance with sanitary and hygienic regulations.

The medical safety of each employee serving in the enterprise is strictly controlled, their body temperature is measured before entering the production area and they are provided with the necessary medical protective equipment. The company regularly carries out disinfection work, every two hours employees undergo a medical examination.

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