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News of Association

🕚 June 24, 2021 🚩 Kazan, enterprise "Eleps"

Meeting of cooperation between ELEPS in Kazan

News of Association

🕚 June 24, 2021 🚩 Kazan, enterprise "Eleps"

Chairman of the Uzeltehsanoat Association M. Yunusov visited the ELEPS LLC enterprise for the production of medical endoscopic devices.

Deputy head of the enterprise Nadezhda Kuvshinova was informed about the activities and products of the enterprise and exports to Uzbekistan.

The Chairman of the Board of the Union expressed a proposal to establish the production of this enterprise in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and not only export its products to the Republic of Uzbekistan. It was also proposed and agreed that in order to establish cooperative ties, the enterprise will present a list of imported components, as well as together with enterprises included in the association for the supply of these components.

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