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Possibilities of production of banking and transportation card discussed

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, association “Uzeltexsanoat” is conducting remote video communication with foreign investors and business representatives. The talks are m...

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Online discussion with french company “Schneider electric”

A video conference was also held with representatives of the French company Schneider Electric. The sides exchanged views on the production of circuit breakers of differe...

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Opportunity has been created to participate in the technical committees of the international electrotechnical commission (IEC)

In order to ensure the implementation of government decisions aimed at the development of electrical engineering, JV UZKABEL, “Uzelectroapparat-Electroshield”, were accep...

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Activities of electrotechnical enterprises from January till April of the year 2020

In January-April 2020, the enterprises of the «Uzeltexsanoat» Association achieved all the planned targets and fulfilled the forecast indicators for expanding production ...

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The new agreement has been signed on the way to develop education

The “Uzeltexsanoat” Association, Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the Chinese “Weidong Cloud Education Group” company held the videoconfere...

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“Procab” continues enterprise its activities in the field of sanitary requirements

As previously reported, production processes at many large enterprises of the Uzeltexsanoat Association have been restored within the framework of quarantine requirements...

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The State symbols:

Davlat gerbi

The state emblem

Davlat bayrog'i

The state flag

Davlat madhiyasi

National Anthem