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News of Association

Information on the activities of the electrotechnical engineering industry between January-March 2021

News of Association

In the first quarter of this year, “Uzeltexsanoat” has exceeded the forecast for several issues related to the development of the electrical industry, expansion of production sectors, the introduction of a new innovative technologies, increasing the export potential of enterprises, optimization of imports, work on the new investment projects with foreign partners. 

Today, the association has 86 members, 15 cable and wire producers, 35 home appliance manufacturers, and 35 electrical product makers. Currently, the number of employees at the enterprises exceeds 22,000 people.

The volume of industrial production from January till March 2021 made up 2856,9 billion UZS at current prices.

Exports of products in January- March 2021 amounted to 104.3 million dollars or 110.6%.

The projected volume of development for January- March 2021 was 18,5 million USD, the actual volume of development amounted to 19.4 million USD.

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