Information on the economic potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan

  • Area of the country: 448,9 km2
  • Population of the country: 33,7 mln. person
  • Population language: uzbek, russian, karakalpak
  • Natural resources: more than 1,800 deposits
  • Enterprises with foreign capital: 7144 (2018 year)
  • Main export markets: China – 1,68 mlrd. USD, Russia – 1,58 mlrd. USD, Switzerland – 3,48 mlrd. USD, South Korea, Turkey
  • Main import destinations: China, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Turkey, Germany
  • Trade agreements: with CIS countries on free trade (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Russian Federation, Ukraine)

In order to implement investment projects, the Association "Uzeltexsanoat" is ready to assist in the following

Obtaining licenses

Obtaining the necessary permits, standardization documents, licenses and etc.;

Tax and Customs Benefits

Obtaining customs, tax benefits, provided for the electrical industry, in the framework of the law;

Market researches

Obtaining accessible information for the marketing research and etc.;

Legal recommendations

Support the interests of manufacturers of the electrotechnical industry in government, consulting and legal assistance;

Constructions for production

Detection of the land or industrial premises, for the implementation of the project, include in certain regions at a “zero” redemption value;

Partnership with investors

In case of need, search of local partners with production experience and financial resources, for complicity in the implementation of joint projects;