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News of Association

June 11, 2021, Zomin district, Dzhizak region, LLC "Samsung Zomin"

Industrial tourism to electrotechnical enterprises for youth of Jizzakh

News of Association

June 11, 2021, Zomin district, Dzhizak region, LLC "Samsung Zomin"

The electrical industry is one of the youngest and most dynamic industries. An urgent task of today is the interest of our youth from childhood, the formation of their skills for further professional choice.

This, in turn, will contribute to the expansion of the ranks of innovative youth in the electronics world. The Uzeltexsanoat Association for students of the Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute organized a press tour on industrial tourism and journalists at the Samsung Zomin enterprise, located in the Zomin district.

The meeting noted that innovations, inventions and developments in the field of electrical engineering are an important basis for the accelerated development of this industry. At the same time, the main goal of state policy is to form the interest of representatives of the young generation in this area from childhood, to create conditions for their joint development with technology. Today, such a generation is forming in our country, they are becoming active participants in the third renaissance with their knowledge, innovative inventions and major discoveries.

Over the past 3-4 years, the electrical industry has reached a new level of development. In particular, in 2020, electrical enterprises exported $327 million, and investments in the amount of $191 million were attracted for the development of the industry. It is planned to increase these indicators several times and until 2025. This, in turn, requires the involvement of qualified specialists. Currently, the system employs about 22 thousand employees. In 2021, this figure will reach 27 thousand. The demand for personnel is much higher in this area. Especially in demand are qualified process engineers, designers, programmers. In order to replenish the industry with qualified personnel, the association establishes partnerships with national and international institutions.

The company “Samsung Zomin” began its activity in 2015, where monitors for personal computers and cable and cord products for all household appliances will be produced. Over the past 5 years, the company has received effective results thanks to the introduction of innovative ideas and new technologies into the production process. In this process, for 2018-2020, more than 30 units of modern equipment for 5.0 million dollars were brought to the enterprise from Turkey and China. Today, from 70 to 130 types of cable-cord and mounting wires. As a result of the measures taken, a total of more than $35 billion resulted in net profit over sums.

In 2015-2020, the company sold $40 billion in monitor sums and $100 billion in cable and cord products. These are 190 thousand monitors, 68 thousand electric meat processing plants and 20 million cable and cord products. As a result, the level of localization increased from 33% to 75%.

The company actively participates with its products in many industrial fairs and cooperative exchanges. As a result of these measures, it was possible to conclude contracts for the supply of products with more than 600 domestic enterprises.

In particular, the products of the enterprise won the nomination “Best Household Goods” at industrial fairs in Tashkent and Jizakh in 2016-2017.

The company’s staff consists mainly of young people, the number of employees, initially consisting of 40 people, today is 250 people. Due to an increase in production volumes, the introduction of modern innovative technologies into the process by the end of 2021, it is planned to increase the number of employees to 400 people.

In addition, in 2021-2022, the company plans to produce all-in-one computers and laptops, as well as to produce 5 particularly rare types of cables imported from foreign countries at the enterprise.

In studying the problems of young people in the regions by the Uzeltehsanoat association, such industrial tours are organized in order to further increase their interest in the industry. In turn, young people, inspired by the organized meeting, shared new startup projects and small inventions. At the meeting, it was emphasized that, having entered this sphere today, they will not effectively use decent working conditions, tomorrow it will be late. Such extensive opportunities created by the Association contribute to an increase in the number of young professionals in the future.

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