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News of Association

Negotiations on the production of smart meters took place in Tajikistan

News of Association

As we have already reported, a delegation of representatives of enterprises headed by the First Deputy Chairman of the Uzeltehsanoat Association M.Hashimov is currently in Tajikistan.

First Deputy Minister of Industry of Tajikistan Bakhtyr Sharifi met with representatives of several enterprises today. The parties expressed interest in the implementation of mainly bilateral joint projects, discussed a proposal to establish joint production of smart electric vehicles manufactured by Uzelektroparat JSC, Toshelektroparat JSC, together with Tajik entrepreneurs.

First Deputy Chairman of the Uzeltehsanoat Association M. Khashimov made a report in which he drew attention to the work carried out in Uzbekistan on the development of the electrical industry, joint projects and a number of contacts, the implementation of which is planned.

The Tajik side noted that Uzbekistan has sufficient experience in the production of meters connected to the billing system, which automatically carry out settlements with consumers, and in Tajikistan, the main goals of the implementation of the ASKUE system are to ensure transparency between the consumer and the supplier, clarify settlements for the supplied electricity, identify consumers

The company “Toshelektroapparat” made a presentation on the compliance of the produced electric meter with international requirements and its important advantages.

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