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News of Association

Supply of lower elements (heating parts) will be supplied on the basis of industrial cooperation

News of Association

During the period of independence, more than 10 large and small enterprises were established in the republic for the production lower elements (heating parts), one of which is “Best Mega Tech” LLC. The company started its activity in 2018 in the Uchtepa small economic zone of the Tashkent city. To date, the annual production capacity of the company has reached 500 thousand units, and in 2020, more than 220 thousand units of products which were produced and delivered to customers.

For information: According to the results of 2020, the enterprises of the Uzeltehsanoat Association imported more than 307 thousand pieces of this type of product for production needs with a cost of 292.7 thousand US dollars (the growth rate increased 1.1 times compared to 2019, or weighed 41.1 thousand US dollars). The expected demand by 2021 is projected to reach 500 thousand units.

In order to localize electrical products, expand cooperation between industrial and industrial enterprises, representatives and the member of Association “Ideal Electrolux” LLC JV and “Trinity Technology” LLC visited to lower element production company “Best Mega Tech” LLC and held a meeting to familiarize themselves with the products produced by the company. During the meeting, there were presented more than 30 types of lower elements.

Supply of lower elements

During the meeting, agreements were reached on the production and supply of components based on the technical parameters provided by the electro technical enterprises, members of the Association. More detailed information about the results of this cooperation will be provided in addition.

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