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News of Association

🕚 June 24, 2021 🚩 Kazan, enterprise "Electroprom"

Elektroprom enterprises in Kazan will establish cooperative ties

News of Association

🕚 June 24, 2021 🚩 Kazan, enterprise "Electroprom"

Chairman of the Uzeltexsanoat Association M. Yunusov visited the enterprise of Elektroprom LLC, specializing in the production of electric shields in the Republic of Tatarstan. The company was created in 2017, has its own production enterprises in other regions of Russia. Within the framework of the projects, it will be engaged in the production of the necessary electrical shield units.

During negotiations with the head of this enterprise Mikhail Chikleev, the chairman of the board of the Union gave proposals and information on the establishment of cooperative ties for the supply of copper tires necessary for the production of electric tires, the establishment of production in the Republic of Uzbekistan, assistance in finding a local partner and the provision of investors created amenities. ” Following the meeting, an agreement was reached on providing the company with the demand for copper tires and providing the association’s enterprises with the necessary commercial offers.

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