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🕚 29-may 2021-year 🚩 Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe

Cooperation links with Uzbek enterprises for construction buildings to be established in Tajikistan

News of Association

🕚 29-may 2021-year 🚩 Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe

As we have already reported, a delegation of representatives of enterprises headed by the First Deputy Chairman of the Uzeltehsanoat Association M.Hashimov is currently in Tajikistan.

Today, a meeting is organized in the Committee on Construction and Memorial under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.

It was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Committee Karimzoda Abdurahman Rahim, heads of departments, representatives of project institutes, construction enterprises and other organizations operating in the republic.

First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Uzeltehsanoat Association M. Khashimov informed about the current state of the electrical industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan, industrial production, investment and export potential. In particular, the presentation of the manufactured products of the enterprises of Uzelektroapparat JSC, Procab, Techno Cabel Group, Ideal Electrolux, Sam Ferre enterprises took place.

Tajik enterprises present at the meeting showed great interest in the products produced in Uzbekistan. In particular, JSC “Tajikhydroelectromontazh” turned to cable and simile products and water pumps, making proposals for a cooperation agreement.

Also, in connection with the sharp increase in the pace of construction of multi-storey buildings in Dushanbe, the demand for household appliances is growing. High-quality and affordable national products, presented by the association “Ideal Electrolux” and “Sam Ferre,” aroused interest among Tajik entrepreneurs and contractors.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed on the development of bilateral cooperative ties and the signing of export contracts.

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