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“Uzelektoapparat-Electroshield” won the tender with an offer the amount of $26 million

According to the results of the international tender held by JSC “National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan” for the repair and modernization of substations of...

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Conversation with the American Semiconductor Industry Association

The video conference was organized with the participation of representatives of the Uzeltexsanoat Association, the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the United Sta...

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Production of printers and other electrical equipment discussed with a japanese company

Due to coronavirus, pandemic “Uzeltexsanoat” holds video conferences talks with foreign investors and business representatives. During the discussions, the ma...

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The level of localization of electrical engineering enterprises are increasing in Nukus

Members of the working group headed by the chairman of the “Uzeltexsanoat” Association M. Yunusov, together with officials of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade...

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Technopark: One product every 19 seconds

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has become familiar with projects of Technopark, established in Yashnabad district last year. The production of electronic gas meters has bee...

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Discussion on cooperation with the russian institute of electronics

An online video conference was held with representatives of«Electronica Central Scientific Research Institute». During the conversation, the sides discussed issues of ...

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