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Supply of lower elements (heating parts) will be supplied on the basis of industrial cooperation

During the period of independence, more than 10 large and small enterprises were established in the republic for the production lower elements (heating parts), one of whi...

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Sell your products by the “Sam’s Club China” shopping center

In order to develop the export of national products in the Chinese market, cooperation has been established with a network of wholesale and retail centers “Sam&#821...

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A new enterprise for the production of electric motors has been opened in Namangan district

The total cost of the project is 30.1 billion soums. Of this, 17.0 billion soums will come from the project initiator’s own funds, $ 300.0 thousand from the ‘...

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Latvian SAI Baltic CG Expert Group held an online seminar on CE Marking for local enterprises

It is no secret that in today’s highly competitive environment it is not easy to gain a foothold in the foreign market. Especially for local businesses producing el...

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Key emerging tech: autonomous vehicles and AI-ready sensors

It’s that time of year again when analysts and industry insiders step back and define the top innovations that will matter in coming years. Lux Research just released ...

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December 8 – Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Association “Uzeltehsanoat” congratulates all our compatriots and guests of our country on the 28th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Rep...

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