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Latvian SAI Baltic CG Expert Group held an online seminar on CE Marking for local enterprises

News of Association

It is no secret that in today’s highly competitive environment it is not easy to gain a foothold in the foreign market. Especially for local businesses producing electrical products. In order to assist in the implementation of modern international standards in the electrical industry, identify and remove barriers to technical regulation of the export of domestic products to foreign markets, with the participation of the representative of the Latvian expert group SAI “Baltic CG” Eugene Kostyuchenko, an online seminar was organized on the topic “CE Marking and Requirements to the import of products to Europe “.

The event was attended by employees of the Uztekhsanoat organization, СП ООО «Procab»

LLC  «Lider Cabel Group», LLC JV «Dupond Group», LLC «National Holdings», LLC «Uni Impex», LLC JV  «Grand Tehnolog», LLC JV  «Techno Cable Group»  and the State Enterprise “Uzbek Center for Scientific Testing and Quality Control”.

Evgeniy Kostyuchenko, representative of the SAI expert group “Baltic CG”, explained to the participants the CE marking for cable products, the requirements for the import of products to European countries, the testing and certification processes.

At the same time, it was noted that in connection with the growing requirements for the quality and safety of electrical products in the European market, special attention is paid to the CE marking.

Evgeniy Kostyuchenko, representative of the SAI Baltic CG expert group, answered in detail to all the questions of interest to enterprises and participants in the electrical industry. As a result of the event, an agreement was reached to hold regular online training seminars to mitigate the negative consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

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