On the activities of the Association "Uzeltexsanoat"

The Radio Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation Concern was reformed and established by Presidential Decree of 21 January 1994 on measures to further deepen economic reforms, protect private interests and develop entrepreneurship.

The Association “Uzeltexsanoat” in accordance with the Decree of the President №2123 the Republic of Uzbekistan of February 6, 2014 “On Measures to Improve the Organization and Further Development of the Management of the Electrical Industry of the Republic in 2014-2018” was reorganized into a joint-stock company.

On 4 January 2019, in accordance with Presidential Decree №4090 on measures for the further development and enhancement of the export potential of the electrotechnical industry, the Association of electrotechnical enterprises of Uzbekistan (Association “Uzeltexsanoat”) was transformed.

The main tasks of Association “Uzeltexsanoat” are:

► developing a sustainable industrial development strategy as a single complex for the processing of raw materials, the production and export of high-value-added finished products;

► research of the demand situation for electrical products in domestic and foreign markets, and on this basis implementation of comprehensive measures to promote the development of new types of products, saturation of the domestic market with domestic electrical products of high quality;

► assistance in wide attraction of investments, primarily foreign ones, for development of high-tech production of electrical products, modernization;

► taking comprehensive measures to improve the system of standardization and certification in the field of the electrical industry by harmonizing it with international requirements and standards;

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Economic productivity

    We help to effectively use the benefits provided by the decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  • Establishing cooperation

    Identify foreign partners, facilitate negotiations and provide the necessary information for the development of pre-project documentation.

  • Solution of problems

    We provide practical assistance in solving any problems that may interfere with the work of electrical enterprises.

Authoritative enterprises of the electrical industry of the Republic are members of the Association "Uzeltexsanoat"

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